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Need A “Brake?”

Viking Automotive is your leading brake installation, repair, and diagnostics specialist in Midvale, UT. Brakes are, of course, one of the most important safety features of a car and they don’t always complain about that grinding screech when something’s amiss. Brakes need regular checks, replacements, and repairs in order to maximize your safety—and that of everyone else on the road.The braking system is surprisingly complex for such a small part of your ride, and quality matters in every part. For example, what’s the difference between premium brake pads and cheap ones? In severe cases, it might be the difference between a collision and avoiding one. However, that doesn’t mean they need to come at a premium cost. At Viking Automotive, the best pads are purchased in bulk which lowers the cost for our customers.

From Braking Bad to Braking Perfect

Machining the rotors also makes a big difference in quality. That’s why we cut rotors on lathes for the best fit and the perfect complement to your new pads. Wheel bearings are greased during a brake service job, and brake fluid is “bled” to remove any air from the line. This results in a more responsive pedal. Not sure what services you need, or just want to build a relationship with the friendliest, locally owned auto repair shop in town? Viking Automotive can help.Enjoy a free brake inspection to gauge the condition of your brakes and see where your ride stands. Prices can vary based on the age, make and model of your car, but our team prides itself on only providing the highest quality of work—and only when it’s necessary. There are no high-pressure sales, upselling or attempts to scare our neighbors into purchasing anything they don’t need. Brake pads wear out, but you can extend their life with proper care, maintenance and, of course, good driving tactics.

The Warrior Experience

Sometimes that rush hour traffic has you stopping and going, and those demands can really do a number on the brake system. From drums to master cylinders, cables and lines to brake fluid and wheel cylinders, there’s a lot that can go wrong with brakes. Just looking for an upgrade for your new to you or previously bottom of the barrel brake parts? We’re pros at upgrades and still promise competitive prices, even on top of the line parts.While other shops might try to convince customers that rotors need replacing even with minor wear and tear, at Viking Automotive we compare the thickness to industry standards. Everything is transparent and we’ll explain the situation clearly. As Midvale locals ourselves, we know how important catching a “brake” can be, and that’s what we promise to our customers every day.