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Nobody likes dealing with DEQ, but remember that following the requirements of safety and emissions is for the safety of you and everyone else on the road. Did your vehicle fail DEQ, is it coming up for its first inspection or are you worried that it won’t pass? Bring it to Viking Automotive to get it up to par and kick things into high gear. The regulations for safety and emissions differ from state to state. In Utah, vehicles that are four, eight and ten (or older) years old all need a safety inspection. For those ten and older, the inspection has to take place annually.That’s a lot of inspections, and just because your ride passed last year doesn’t mean it will this year. Don’t worry. At Viking Automotive, we take great pride in helping our Midvale, UT neighbors get their cars to legal road-status and keep them there. We see hundreds of DEQ-bound vehicles every year, and sometimes the necessary fix is very minor and cost-effective, but there’s only one way to find outlet Viking Automotive take a look.


The requirements in Utah for emissions testing depend on the county. However, in most regions any vehicle between two and six years old needs emissions testing every two years, while older ones may require testing every year. (Pro tip: For you classic car collectors, any vehicle older than 1967 is exempt from emissions testing—they just made ‘em cleaner back in the day. Brand new vehicles less than two years old and motorcycles also get a pass). However, it’s important to remember why testing is important. The purpose isn’t to disrupt your schedule or to allow government offices to squeeze in a little more revenue. Emissions testing helps control air pollution, improve quality of life for everyone and for future generations, and they help agencies abide by federal pollution control standards. Around 17 percent of all tested vehicles fail each year the first time around—which means 17 percent of cars on the road are causing more pollution than necessary and than what’s legally allowed. At Viking Automotive, we address these issue to ensure emissions abide by standards. Just call us the green warriors.


As for the safety testing part of it, a safe vehicle isn’t just for your well-being. It’s for the safety of everyone on the road. Proper alignment, fully functional brakes, lights and other key parts are essential. If they’re not working properly, you’re putting yourself and everyone around you at risk.A road warrior is well-equipped, smart and savvy. Let Viking Automotive make sure you have everything you need to pass that safety and emissions test with flying colors—sorry, we don’t provide any stickers for sco