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If your vehicle isn’t as smooth as you remember it—or as you’d like it to be—there might be a problem with your suspension system. Usually, the first warning sign is a strong vibration felt through the steering wheel. This shimmer is letting you know there’s a problem in the front part of the car, likely with the wheel alignment or steering linkage. However, it could also be a bushing in the control arms or a tie rod end. There are many things that can go wrong with the suspension system, which is a complex part of your car. Feeling the vibration in the seat and not the steering wheel? Your car hasn’t suddenly turned into a massage chair, so stop looking around for the quarter slot to keep it going. That often means there’s an issue in the back of the car. Tire running low or wheel bearing issue? Who knows—it’s not a suspension issue (probably), but it still requires a checkup. At Viking Automotive, one of our specialties is suspension repair and diagnostics. Bring your vehicle to us and we’ll get to the bottom of it.


The purpose of the suspension system is to give you a stable, smooth and safe ride. Unfortunately, the suspension is at the front of the line when facing road abuse, which means these parts wear out—and break—first. If you’re fearing trouble from down under, rest easy knowing that Viking Automotive of Midvale, Utah excels at pinpointing the problem. We don’t start replacing parts loosey-goosey but begin with the basics (and most cost-effective options) such as checking bolts and nuts. Sometimes something as minor as this is the cause of your problems. Perhaps the most well-known sign of a suspension problem is if your car pulls to one side while driving.  Many things can cause this: a bad alignment, low tire pressure, uneven tire wear, worn out steering components or even a sticking brake caliper.


Another common sign is a shimmying steering wheel, and the causes may be the same as a car that pulls to one side. The third common thing to watch out for is if your car is “bouncing” over bumps and dips. Unless you recently installed a hydraulics system you forgot about, this isn’t normal. It could be worn out struts or shocks, or from a slipped leaf spring.From a steering wheel that feels like it’s “slipping” to one that’s tough to steer, keep a close eye out for any of these suspension systems red flags. Sometimes it’s something as simple as adding power steering fluid, sometimes it’s a worn out steering belt, or perhaps the rack or a steering pump needs adjusting. Your suspension system is nothing to gamble with, which is why Viking Automotive takes being there for their Midvale, UT neighbors seriously.