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Getting “tired” of constantly filling up your tires? Did one of them just fail the “penny test?” Can’t remember the last time you bought new tires or had them rotated? At Viking Automotive, we know that no warrior would ride into battle with a lame, tired or old horse—right? That’s basically what you’re doing if you’re hoping your car’s tires will hold out for “just one more commute.” There’s no one size fits all schedule for tire replacement. It depends not just on how old they are and how many miles they have, but also your driving habits, the road conditions and how heavy your foot is. At Viking Automotive, we prioritize high-quality tires because sometimes that’s the only thing stopping a collision. Being able to brake quickly and safely isn’t just about having a solid brake system—it’s also about the quality of your tires. Ensuring even wear and tear can be achieved via a tire rotation, which we offer. However, you also need to know when an upgrade isn’t just a good idea, but necessary.


Convinced that you don’t need to replace your tires because you haven’t driven the recommended mileage to warrant one? Maybe you work from home, have the shortest commute imaginable or are babying a collector car that’s rarely taken out of the garage. You can certainly extend the time between tire replacements a little in these instances, but you (and your tires) still aren’t exempt. Tires get old and stiff with age, just like people. Would you demand your 90-year-old grandfather to carry you piggyback around the house? That’s what you’re asking from old tires no matter how little action they’ve seen in their life. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the tires you currently have are even doing you any favors. The factory tires your car came with from the dealership are “good enough,” but they’re certainly not premium. And if you’re a weekend warrior, regularly heading to the slopes during ski season or on dirty trails during hunting season, your tires weren’t made for that. Particularly in Utah where seasons can be extreme, your tires might be barely making do.


At Viking Automotive, we don’t replace tires unless we need to—or our customers want to. There are many times when some “tire loving” is all that’s really necessary. Maybe a rotation would do you good and buy you a few more months of safe driving. Maybe that pinhole leak really can be repaired. We’re all about providing the best service and making the best recommendations for you and your car, not pushing for replacements at your expense.