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A tune-up doesn’t have to raise your stress level when you have a trustworthy, skilled mechanic on your side. At Viking Automotive, we do our fair share of big replacement and repair projects, but what we really pride ourselves on is the routine tune-ups and maintenance done right. Like any great warrior, at Viking Automotive we know it’s better to win a small battle than head straight into war, especially when the victory is a functioning, efficient and safe as can be ride for our neighbors in Midvale, UT. One of the most common questions we get asked is, “What’s involved in a tune-up, anyway?” That depends on the make and model of your vehicle, the age and if you have any particular worries. For example, a car that’s potentially been water damaged is going to have a totally different maintenance check than one that’s been left high and dry. The goal of any tune-up is to do a comprehensive check of your car’s systems to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.


The “basics” of a tune-up include a test of the emissions, ignition and fuel system. This is where we’ll discover any faulty oxygen sensors, vacuum hoses or other key parts that impact your car’s performance. Whether or not parts need to be repaired or replaced depends on industry standards and any government requirements. You never know what might pop up during a tune-up, but be assured that it’s the best way to extend the life of your vehicle and enjoy optimal performance including fuel efficiency. Ideally, a tune-up should happen once per year or per manufacturer recommendations, but don’t wait if something seems fishy.If your car is driving differently, or you notice a strange noise or smell, take it in for a maintenance check immediately. Even though some symptoms don’t seem dangerous, they certainly can be. In some cases, leaks can be hazardous to human health, and particular leaks (like power steering fluid) can cause nausea or lightheadedness—something you certainly don’t want to risk while driving.


If you wait until something’s gone so wrong that your car is barely drivable, that’s going to be a costly and long repair. Sometimes there are sudden issues with cars—like when you get a flat tire—but oftentimes problems start slowly and then get exacerbated. At Viking Automotive, our goal is your safety and a vehicle that’s operating as efficiently as possible. We understand that some of our neighbors might be wary about asking for a “tune-up,” since they think they’re signing up to overpay for things that don’t need to get fixed. That’s not how we do business, now how we built lasting customer relations, and that’s not how we built our stellar reputation. Just like you, we’re hoping for the best—but we’re also prepared to handle anything that’s found.